Zixi is a breakthrough software system that allows users to deliver broadcast-quality video globally over the public Internet and private IP networks.

The primary issues that have held back adoption of professional-level IP video transport networks are latency, packet loss, jitter and resolution. In addition, streaming IP video technology must be compatible with current network equipment and adapt easily to current production workflows.

Zixi revolutionizes video transport on IP networks for Internet and mobile video services, broadcasting, sports and live events, enterprise collaboration and content contribution or ingest. Zixi scales easily to multiple locations or millions of users. Zixi is distance-insensitive, allowing video to move across the continent or across the globe without any loss in quality.

Users who benefit from using Zixi to transport IP video include:

  • Over-the-top (OTT), Internet and mobile video service providers
  • Broadcasters
  • Satellite and fiber network providers
  • News gatherers
  • Live sports producers
  • Encoder, decoder and set-top box manufacturers
  • Enterprise businesses
  • Multi-campus houses of worship

Over 100 companies like these use Zixi to deliver broadcast-quality IP video streams that are high-performance, robust, scalable, secure, affordable and flexible.

Zixi loves IP video.

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