CAE Groupe

S2CEB has designed, manufactured, and sold wiring solutions for audio, video broadcasting, lighting, and Ethernet for 20 years.

S2CEB provides visual and sound professionals with technical solutions for their live services and their facilities.

Audiovisual equipment is a major component in buildings such as offices, shopping centres, airports, stations, hotels, schools... The versatility of these spaces requires special technical solutions. Our product ranges are formed based on our technical expertise and bring you the best possible solution for your installation. S2CEB provides a comprehensive range of products for pre-wiring all of a building's audio and video connections.

CAE Groupe
ZAC des Hauts de Wissous "Air Park de Paris
"Bâtiment "Le Cormoran" 3 rue Jeanne Garnerin

E-mail : contact@cae-groupe.fr
Telephone: 33 (0)1 69 79 14 14
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